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Addicted Speed Gamer
My friends, furries, and gamers alike, I found a website called Humble Bundle that sells games from various platforms to users, even those (like me) that are stuck on Chromebooks can try out as well, whether it's your favorite game from Steam, U-Play, or even the Epic Games store, you too can enjoy playing with your internet friends with a few clicks to get started with this referral link below:

www.humblebundle.com: Humble Monthly

The gist with this is that if you do sign up and purchase a subscription (Provided this is your first time) on Humble Bundle, (along with referring other friends too who can do the same) the link will give the individual who made the referral link and got their friends to sign up and subscribe $8 worth of wallet credit to spend up to $240 for 30 friends.

If you think this is something you're interested in, don't hesitate to check out the website itself, as I believe that it's the saving grace for us Chromebook users who are very limited in our options to finally be able to have some fun with our friends because lets be honest, Chromebooks are already torturous as they are.

If you have more questions about the Humble Bundle Referral Terms and Conditions, I'll provide this link below for what you may need:

support.humblebundle.com: Humble Monthly - Referral Program