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(Commission) Selling: Hungry Writer Offering Writing Commissions and Picture Captions! ($25 and 5$ min respectively)


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Right, having some monetary problems right now, so I figured I'd try my hand at offering myself as an author.

I'm willing to write stories both SFW and NSFW. I'm not willing to write ageplay for obvious reasons. I'll bring up any other issues that I may have as they come.

Right now, I unfortunately only have three examples of my writing, all aren't entirely recent.

The first, and not exactly best, was an edited version of a one-sided RP I had for a friend that she encouraged me to post. As seen here

The second, and a bit better as I actually traded the writing for some artwork was a piece featuring both one of my characters and that of a friend's over on inkbunny. Story seen on furaffinity here.

The third example I have is a few examples of the other service I'll offer; picture captions. Have a picture that's a WIP or already finished and want some sexy text to go along with it? I'll do that! Examples here were during a brief employment under Sergaltech Industries.


For traditional stories, I offer 1.2 cent/word for SFW stories and 3 cents/word for NSFW stories, pretty standard. Minimum of 500 words per story ($6 for SFW, $15 for NSFW) . Depending on content, I'll likely wrap to the nearest '500'.

For captions, I offer a flat price of $5 per paragraph, up to 3 paragraphs.

TOS: As I mentioned, ageplay is a no-no. If a piece is larger than a few thousand words, I'll likely break it into 'chunks' of writing (chapters.) To copy what someone else posted, "After we got everything sorted out, I shall begin writing. After writing the first "chunk" of the piece (usually 1000 words. Anything under 2000 words is subject to adjustment), I will send an invoice to you for half of the value of those words. After you pay, I will send you the rough draft, and we will communicate anything you want changed in that part of the story, I will then work on the next part until we reach the agreed-upon word count. At that point, you will have paid me half of the agreed-upon sum. Afterwards, I shall begin the editing process. I will send you the invoice for the rest of the piece, and once you are satisfied, you will let me know we are done when you pay the rest. If you wish me to do a multi-chapter work or something over 10,000 words, I will ask that you allow me to break the piece up into smaller chapters so that I may get to other people commissioning me."

The above does not apply to the caption pieces, however as those are basically just one-and-done.

In addition, I reserve the right to post the story on my profile for the sake of growing my portfolio. I'll name the commissioner, unless they prefer to remain anonymous. Stories will be posted on their own, captions will be bundled together and 'titled' either with a link to the piece or the title of the picture.
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My appologies to those who may have passed these before; I misread the prices offered by someone else and had posted prices that were way too high. Hopefully these should be more reasonable.