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Hunie Sakura Humble Bundle COLORING COMMISSION offer

Humble Bundle has a Hunie Sakura bundle going on that ends in 1 day and 19 hours as of this Forum Thread's submission. I wish to get it but am unable to at the moment due to the site not working on my desktop on Google chrome for some reason possibly related to the windows 0xc0000005 bug.

I'm willing to offer anyone who gets me the full $10 bundle 2 FREE COLORING COMMISSIONS. Just comment below if you're interested.

Here's the link to the bundle. www.humblebundle.com: Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle (pay what you want and help charity) And a link to my coloring work. Artwork Gallery for GIGA-XISBASS -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Here are a few examples of my work, and the rest can be found in my gallery folder above.