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Hello, if my name didn't give it away, I'm a generic fox lover! I've recently decided to get into the furry fandom, and I've noticed a lot of unique sonas out there, as well as multiple hybrid breeds. I was wondering what's the process of creating a hybrid, and why did you guys create the ones that you have?


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Most the time its people who can't decide on what species they want their 'sona to be, and just smash them together. The only exception to this rule that I can think of is people with Griffin fursonas.


That's kind of what I've gathered, but I didn't want to make any assumptions. Mythological beasts would easily be an exception to that rule of course, almost one hundred percent of the time they were a hybrid of some kind. It doesn't matter what region of the world you look at, they're all over the place. I must admit though Griffins are pretty bad ass, but I can't see myself having one as a 'sona.


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Oh, hybrids... They are a wondeful thing that can sometimes make or break a charcter design. My fursona is a real mess of species, being a shark/bat/kirin hybrid. The simple reason for this choice is that it looks cool. In the early stages of my fursona's design, she was just a shark/bat/raptor hybrid. Those animals I really like, and I thought mashing them together would make for an interesting and cool looking character. Fast forward about a year, and I have myself two kirin characters. They have their own kind of world and government system they rule over set up in my head. At that point I wanted to redesign my fursona, and was already planning out a new design.

Since I already had two kirin ruling over a world, I decided a third wouldn't hurt. Ta da, now I have three kirin, the third being a hybrid.


That's quite the mix of species, but it turned out really well imo!


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I find hybrids awesome. <3 It really shows the creativity of the person. It makes their sonas so unique.
My sona isn't really a hybrid but she doesn't fit into any species either.
Sato is a canine demon thing because I don't really know what she is. She started as a wolf but now there is not much wolf left in her. xD


I've had a few hybrids back in the day, but a lot of them were just "I really like wings. Let's tack some on and call it a hybrid". Now that I'm older and have discovered the wild world of 40k, my process has changed to "I like wings. Let's tack some on and call it a mutation." :)

Seriously though, I do enjoy hybrids quite a bit. Some are just for aesthetics, sure, but I think most people see part of themselves in many creatures and want to capture all of that as opposed to picking one.


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has its moments doesn't it. we have a werewolf pack of arizona forum, check it out as i typed it if you want.