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I’m a little conflicted



heh so I don’t make these threads a lot (ever), but it’s late, I’m pondering, and just want to talk a bit :p

So a situation has recently just occured, and because of it, my life is going to change drastically. Now, I’m left feeling a bit... conflicted I guess? More so, on how to feel about it. Well you see, I’m feeling excited because change is awesome! I’m tired of this aspect of my life being so.. bland and repetitive, you know? At the same time though, I’m sad and anxious. I’m anxious because change is.. it’s scary you know? Things changing all of a sudden is hard to adjust to. You never know what you have until you lose it qwq I’m anxious because, what if this change doesn’t go well? What if it’s just shitty? My whole life this specific thing has been the same, and now, that’s all gonna change. I’m a little, sad I guess? Things will never be the same. Idk it just hurts a bit to look at it like that.

Anyways, TL;DR, should I embrace change, or push against it? How do I embrace change? How do I move forward happily, while still appreciating, but not longing for, the past? Have any of you gone through a similar experience?

Well meh, hope you’re all having a lovely day/night


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Oh goodness I hate change, I'm going through it myself. I've always had the whole goal of passing high school and now it's like..now what?

I'm in college and have a career I'm interested in but I guess I have no idea what will happen to me now like I knew before.

What has gotten me after high school and life in general is go with the flow. Slowly adjust, don't go head on or you'll have no idea wtf is going on. Sometimes you might have to be forced to learn though so be aware of that and keep calm.

Again, I hate change since I tend to hang on to when I was innocent/dumber/ happier and I love having a routine I'm used too and friends Im close to. So yeah, I'm kinda going thru the same thing


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well it depends. If you're moving to a new place good! If you're going to go john wick against the Sicilian mafia then there might be some draw backs.

Not all change is bad, and sometimes shaking up things can be beneficial even if at first it seems horrible. We are all people who are in an influx of change on a daily basis.

Oh and if it's taking over a small european nation let me know a head of time. :v I want in on that yeah know!


I know what your going through. Change can be scary and in fact stress inducing. But it shouldn't be. Change can be a good thing, especially when your feeling optimistic about it. There have been lots of big changes in my life I'm thankful for.


Well it really depends upon the change... lol.

It’s a bit.. personal, and emotional to me. Thus, I’d rather not share qwq I just want some general tips I guess, whatever people can offer with the vague info I’ve given


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Not to bust balls, but what you said is kind of vague and some specifics might help people help you. Generally speaking, it sounds like you're facing change you can't put off, so my advice would to research what that change involves. Once you know what is going happen, it'll be far less foreboding. It also means you'll be able to plan out your next steps, which is always important in life. You have to plan the work and work the plan.

I'm guessing I know what the change is, but I don't want to blow your cover. Just do your homework on what comes next.
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It definitely depends on what it is tbh. ;-; A few months ago I moved from the state I’ve lived in for like a good 16 years of my life and it’s hard! It had both it’s up’s and downs being better job oppurtunities and a much nicer place to live in but it also meant leaving behind essentially the handful of friends I have and I still haven’t made any here despite what everyone says oops.

On one hand? I’ve definitely gotten used to it. I’m staying somewhat hopeful that it’ll improve and I’ll fully adapt. On the other? Definitely miss the old ways to aome extemt. ;~; I think it really just depends on what you make of it, good and bad.


Thank you so much guys.. I didn’t really expect so many responses to this qwq I appreciate it

I was quite vague, but it was purposeful. There are several things changing in my life, which many of you probably know. This is something more specific, and popped up suddenly. Specifics matter, but I’m just looking for experiences I guess. Thanks to everyone who has shared, and offered advice on the subject <3

Life throws curveballs sometimes. I guess I’ll just have to see what direction this one goes

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Embrace change! Nothing in life remains constant the whole way through, so you shouldn’t try to fight it (usually). Even if it’s a change that you’re not ready for, think about how it will positively affect your life. When looking back on the past, remember the bad things as much as the good. It’ll help you focus on things that will be better, and make the change easier to accept.

I move a lot, so I had to put up with the fact that I probably wasn’t going to see some of my best friends several times. I still miss everything I left behind, but I always was prepared to accept what happened. Still, it sounds like your change is much more important than moving, but you should still focus on what good you can make of what’s happening.

But as I said before, not all change should just be accepted, especially if it’s a terrible one, and you have some power over it. Hope this helps, never really posted anything this thoughtful before.


I say embrace change. Life is too short to play it safe all the time. Sometimes that backfires. But sometimes it takes you to a place you never expected.


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Change is scary, but I believe it's better than a "safe" routine that ends up being boring and unfulfilling.


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Change is scary. Is really scary. Because we dont know what might happen. But someone once told me that the land is comfy. But the sea holds many wonders, and those wonders can be great or can suck.

But only the ones who dared to face the sea will know what it was.

Dont fear change, for we all are constantly changing. Embrace the chance and see it as a new challenge, if you know that change will bring bad results, then look for the change that will bring a smile to your face.

My motto has always been to follow the path that will lead to smiles. So think of it. Change is scary, and there was never wrong in it being scary, just relax, look at the paths and think of the opportunities in it.


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Change happens every day. Be it what you experience, your view on things, all of it. It's part of life, and you don't really have much option but to rise up to the challenge. Everyone goes through this their entire lives, and yes, change can and will be scary to literally everyone.

Change is needed in order to self-improve. In order to be better than the day before. In order to see the next day with less blandness and doubt. If there is something specific you want advice on how to deal with, you can always find me on Discord.
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Change does seem to be one of those inescapable matters in life, don't it? Even harder to deal with if you're reclusive or reluctant to embrace it.

For better or worse, it's about making the best of it, hopefully with a favorable outcome.


What if the change doesnt go well? Well there is only one way to find out: Embrace that change, and see for yourself. I cant guarantee you that everything is going to be fine. But worrying beforehand is not a good idea.
I hate change myself, and sometimes I just want to curl into a ball and ignore everything happening around me, but this is wrong, you should be a part of this change, maybe even shape the change, dont hide from it. :)


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The OP is too vague. Sure, change could be great if you’re off to a new part of the country for a job. It might not be so great if it’s in Alaska, and you won’t have any friends or family nearby.


For me, change is hard. The last time I had a sudden, drastic change in my life I became withdrawn and often chose to be by myself. But life goes on, and after about a month or so I adjusted and just started rolling with the punches. It helps to talk someone you're familiar with/close to, or someone who might have experienced something similar to what you're going through. Even keeping a journal and writing it in periodically can help relieve some stress from change.

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Change comes easy to me. I can be sometimes resistant to it, but most of the time it is exhilarating. Change is the only thing that can move and give us a sense of freedom of will. I always advise to embrace change as long as the change offers you some reward that you would seek.
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Change is the only constant in life. Here's how I like to think of it:

If you spend too much time worrying about the scary bits, then you'll miss out on the good bits.

So rather than freeze in fear of losing what you have, use change to iterate and improve your life. I've lost a lot to change, but I live in the moment and for the future.

Heck, if it weren't for change I wouldn't have met any of you cool people on the forums (So a big <3 to everyone from yours truly).