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So at the start I wasn’t sure about furries but when I started to watch videos and everything I kinda wanna get involved with it but I worried that people I know would find out. (Also I have no idea for a fursona)
BUT CAN YOU DRAW is the first problem. If you can’t (like me) you can go to furry exchange/trade to find some kind people who will try to draw what you want even though you don’t have an actual picture to start off with.
Like I sort of can but no completely off the top of my head, if I had a picture to work with I can


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Welcome! When I maid my sona (A fox) What I did was thought of my favorite animal which I most adore and feel like a connection with and made a design based off that. Experiement with colors and ideas of your favorite animal and see what comes to you. If you dont want just a plain animal you can research others and try to mix the two or three or how ever many without going overboard but you can get creative. If you need a picure to go off of go on FA find a free animal base/line art and play with that till you come up with a solid final idea :)

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Yeah I wouldn't be worried about anyone finding out unless you were to divulge personal information about yourself. As for fursona, it's up to you what you want. Start with something basic, if it sticks, roll with it. If not, try hybrids.