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I accidentally drew lineart on the background layer >.> Someone help me?


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:/ So I tried to make a ref sheet as good as I can make a ref sheet, it turned out well, except I DREW THE LINEART ON THE BACKGROUND LAYER!!!

I don't expect anyone to help me with this, but help will be seriously appreciated in any form I can get.

Whether it's advice on how to fix it, or if you can remove the black lineart and put it on a white background yourself, or if you can redraw the lines, make the lineart ref for me, etc. o^o Whatever help you can give me.

hmm, I dunno. thats a tricky one. The only advise I can give is try using the magic wand tool to lift the lines off and put them on a new image all together, but I'm not even sure if that would work either. You might just have to start all over again and be more careful in the future

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The best way I can think of is two ways: You can either redo the entire thing. Or you can select the line art, reverse the selection, and delete the surrounding area. You'll have to touch up some places, but it should work.


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Yeah...no to control z,

I'll try the select wand tool.

If I redo the entire thing I'm going to be annoyed >.>; But I guess that's all I can do if nothing else works.


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<3333 ^_^ Thanks so much, chee!


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For the future, and if you use PS or a similar program. set the bg layer to "darken" instead of normal, and you can colour on a layer below it ^^ any colour darker than white wills how through.


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^^^Yep thanks for the tip terror-run, I'm a bit new to layer options rather than the default, so options like 'luminosity' bewilder me. So far I only understand multiply and now that you mention it I'll try darken next time.

Yeah, I've had PS for a little while but some of the tools are still completely unknown to me. I wish I could take a photoshop tutorial or class. In fact, they taught me microsoft word, excel, even paint in middle school, but the teacher had very limited knowledge in photoshop. Now I really wish that my teacher and known more. It also makes me kind of mad that the year after my graduation in high school they added a digital art course >.>; Would've been a nice class to be in. Bleh, sorry for mini rant.

and yeah darkness I would have if nothing else worked but I really didn't want to do the extra work :C
One of the easier ways is to just open a "curves" adjustment layer. Click the white dropper where you want it to be white, then the black dropper where it's supposed to be black. That should take care of most of it. Then open a "black and white" adjustment layer and move most of the colors to white. You will see it getting clearer. Once you've done all you can do with that, use the brightness and contrast and just boost the contrast several times.

Thats what I did with that, but im sure there are several ways.


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Command/Control+J makes a duplicate of the previous/background layer. From the new layer, you can do what you want - magic wand/lasso around the lines to delete the white and add layers above/below the lineart layer afterward.