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I am Ace.


Beat Stepper
I am Ace.
I am your friend.
Now be a good friend and give me your soul.



Beat Stepper
A Cookie?! That's even better!!! *eats it* Thank you. :3
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Beat Stepper
Yesss... the ooey...*slurps* gooey... oh so yummy taste... *shakes it off* Whoa, nearly lost control there! xD


Cecret Blown Susiness.
My soul... A little problem there...

I kinda sold it.

Would a bass solo be suffice?

*Whips out his bass guitar*


my soul? D:
sorry, cant help you there, that's already been claimed D:
but i can give you a cookie! :3
that has a soul, its a crunchy, chocolate chipped soul :3
*offers soul cookie*
oh, and welcome to teh forumz :3


Beat Stepper
A cookie and music? This keeps getting better and better. ^^


Restless and lonely Dragon
Cookie, chips, steaks...
Hey, wait, wheres Hackfox? I think he would bring the muffin XD

But my soul you can forget. I think i will need it some day...

You get only the classig "Welcome onboard"... ^^


Only a Book Smart Nerd
Don't listen to them. This forum is out of cookies and steak. *hands you a Starburst bar*