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I am an artist for hi-... FREE!!



No prob, Xmana.

And Dodger S: I understand what you're trying to say. "There is no fire" means there's no rush. Don't worry! Lol

Derrick L.


- List Update -

I'm on Number 5 now.

4. Awsomename - Received 4/9/09 /// Finished 5/10/09
5. Sebastian - Chyuukuchi 4/16/09
6. SHEZEBO - 4/16/09 --- Commission Changed
7. Lazarwolf - no ref pics yet 4/16/09
8. Mr. Furry - carrot/ocean thing 4/16/09
9. Melchi Shiroino - mood kitty 4/16/09
10. Ark - Dragon Thing 4/17/09
11. Jena-su 4/17/09
12. Keeluff - Romance keeling and luffamew 4/17/09
13. Mattprower08 4/17/09
14. Voidrunners - mountain on prospector 4/17/09
15. Xmana - Ref pics needed 4/17/09
16. kogie - an on f 4/17/09
17. IceDragonVisy 4/17/09
18. Evening - On FA only 4/17/09
19. Thunder Of Light 4/18/09
20 .Rezmates_cabbit 4/19/09
21. GuRoo 4/19/09
22. usbofdoom - macro drawing - same character killing city by accident 4/19/09
23. Zidders - roo On FA only 4/19/09
24. Chiasm 4/19/09
25. Gatekat 4/19/09
26. Xaerun 4/19/09
27. Fluffy-wolf 4/20/09
28. Shebawolf145 4/20/09
29. Angel_Pure_Lust - On FA only 4/20/09
30. pkingsora 4/20/09
31. Lobo Roo 4/21/09
32. Breboi 4/24/09
33. Lucien Lupus 4/24/09
34. Amethystine 4/27/09
35. Cubbear4/30/09
36. Gambitboy 5/4/09
37. Seraphismsins 5/05/09
38. Dodger S. 5/8/09

I have you down as that character now SHENZEBO.

Thank you for your time,
Derrick Lesters


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:D GRWAR :grin: finaaly an ave to work with thank you hehe and yes i chose a red hair b/c that best describes my mate even though she is not furry yet...she has accepted my furrieness and enjoys the culture so its a matter of time


Fursona drawn by -m- ^.^
Can I make a request? I have two neko characters I would like drawn as anthro's. Do you mind?

This is my fox Aya
Physical Characteristics:
Chest Size: DDD
Height: 5'7"
Accessories: A black choker with a crystal heart pendant.
I would like her to look innocent or submissive

And this one is my wolf Sukura
http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f87/Vancheska/Anime/Nekos Kitsunes and Inus/badgirl.jpg
Physical Characteristics:
Chest size: D
Height: 5'6"
Accessories: A black leather collar with a diamond pendant and a small collar at the base of her tail.
I would like her to look a little dom or seductive.

Please and thank you :3


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If you are still taking requests, or may have an opening on your waiting list, may I be able to get a full body art? Colored or sketch, the choice is yours completely:
the reference: I am femmy, hips, thighs and I have an ass as well.
There are some differences though: I have white fur from my lower lips and chin along my jaw and down my throat to my chest, stomach, and inner thigh and groin. I also have three brown stripes on my outer thighs as well. My tail is very long and fox-like;almost 5 feet in length.

There are some adds though:
I have a bright blue choker with a silver circle tag.There is a band cuff in the top middle of each ear and hoops at the base of them, near my head. One my left ring finger is a ring. There are two gold loops around my ankles as well; one on each.

And for the pose; I give you free range to do any you like but would you use the shirt from this?

again I am a guy, though I'm shaped the same way - minus the breast of course.

If you don't feel like doing it or you have anything you want to clarify or say in regards to it; please, please, PLEASE don't hesitate to say it.
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Fursona drawn by -m- ^.^


Hi, can you draw my character ( http://www.fursaffinity.net/view/2299584 ) with her hands around the hilt of a purple bladed sword in a stone with her wings spread and raised? Her eyes glow (one is silver the other is purple), her ears are long and pointed with two silver piercings in the left ear. Her horns are like those of an antelope, and she's smiling evilly at the viewer.


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If your list of requests hasn't gotten long enough to drive you crazy yet, I would like to request the a pic of the following character. I'm afraid I don't have any pics to reference, but hopefully, the description will give you a good idea. PM me with any questions if you choose to do it. I'd like it full body, but I'll take whatever I can get. Love your work.

Name: Tristan Donniko
Age: 19
Date of Birth: March 5, 1990
Gender: Male
Species: Fruit Bat/ Jaguar Hybrid
Height: 6’ 4” (including ears)
Weight: 165lbs.
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Favorite Color: Orange

Clothing Preferences: He wears no shirt ever. Prefers either a loincloth or kilt style covering for the freedom of movement and comfort they give him. But when in his home, he chooses to wear nothing.

Details: Build is reminiscent of a swimmer’s; lean, a touch on the wiry side. His ears are approx. half as tall as a fruit bat’s, the tips rounded slightly. The velvety fur on the back of his ears a dusky red at the tips, gradually lightening to the same strawberry blonde of his head fur. His muzzle is short and slender, his nose that of a cat. His head fur cascades down to just past his shoulders, darkening to match the fur on the rest of his body. The short fur on his body is a golden blonde, gradually darkening to a dusky red, starting at his elbows and knees, dusky red and black jaguar spots scattered all over his body. He has one silver spot on his left cheek. A dark red splotch that looks like a T can be found on the inside of his right thigh. His extremely long fingers are webbed with his wing membranes, save for his thumbs. Membranes are leathery, with a very faint pelt reminiscent of peach fuzz covering them. His membranes connect to his body at the top of his hips. His high arched feet a little on the large side, his long toes tipped with short claws. A long, slender tail extends off his spine; blonde, the end of it black.
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The Witty Voice of Tokyo
Can you please do me a favor of a request?

You see, there is this cute girl I like named Shizuka from Doraemon and I was wondering if you would accept my request:

It is a sequence of pictures depicting Shizuka growing a cow tail and an udder. The premise of the sequence is that Shizuka Minamoto finds a cup of milk in her room and drinks it. Afterward, Shizuka starts growing a cow's tail and then a cow's udder underneath her skirt which rip through her panties. As it turns out, the milk contained Bovine Growth Hormones!

Thank you!


Sylvar you are number 44 - Thank you for the commission

lostangelkira is 45! - Thank you for your time!

Nipponduck, I'm sorry but I can't do that commission because I do not draw copyrighted characters. I apologize for the time loss on your part but it's in my rules on page one. If you pick somthing else for me to do, I'd love to draw you a commission.


Confused kitty
I was wondering if I could get something of my fursona? Just white Turkish Angora with blue eyes (like my avatar). She has a pink nose and pink paws.


Death's Apprentice
If you haven't gone insane yet, I would like to be added to the very long list, too, please.
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Not a Bird
Holy crap, that's one long list. D: I feel kinda bad requesting something... But if you ever find the time or sanity, could you please draw my fursona? My avatar is an edited sketch I drew of him, but as you can see, my sketching isn't all that good. :( He also has a special mark, which I keep forgetting to draw in my sketches of him. It's a sort of grayish mark around his eyes, it looks a lot like the mark on this guy, but lighter than his normal feather color rather than darker.

No special pose in mind, or anything. But I'd like it if you draw him with the same dark yellow v-neck t-shirt, and his yellow-orange eyes.