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I am doing a few requests closed

Damian Voidscale

Fallax splendorem suum
I would love something of me, if you can. My sona is a little different than usual, so I understand if not though ^^ thanks for the opportunity regardless

All my sona pics (little disclaimer, there is vore here. just in case you'd rather not see that)
Additional pics that are better specific references:
1. (unshaded version)

A Minty cheetah

~C H E E~
I'll pop mine in for consideration!
Thanks for the opportunity :D





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I don't have a fursona (not a furry, just like drawing anthros!) but I have a few characters. I would love to get something of my interpretation of the god Cernunnos that I use in an RP community.

Cern is a god. His most common form is called "The Walker". This form has a very satyr like appearance with long deer-like legs, black-gold hooves at the end, and bronze fur. He wears a woven grass kilt with living vines at the waist to hold it up and sports a whimsical nine-pipe pan-flute at his hip. His torso is more humanoid with the deer fur tapering up the center towards his sternum. He wears a silver torc around his left wrist and wields a black walnut staff that resembles a snake in his right hand. His head is semi-human but with a tapered nose that blends more into the face to give him a very slight snout-like look. His eyes lack pupils or sclera but are a molten gold in color seeming to always flow and move. His hair is braided along the right side in tight rows and kept sort and cropped. He wears an antler crown that joins at his temples and seems to glow in between the woven tines with supernatural white-gold light. Being the God of Nature, birds and other animals follow around him. He's a very emotional being normally (as is typical of Nature and its finicky way), but lately he's been quite wrathful and serious.

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought
Ooo, I like your style! If possible, Please draw me..

Here's some pics of my fursona -


Professional art of my fursona by Brittany Garrison - Everything is correct on this one (like the accessories, colors, etc).

The only thing that isn't visable is that my canine teeth (top and bottom fangs) are a silver / almost chrome color.


My own "ref" sheet, the Right part is my tail covered in jewelry.

Photo_1554943764259_1_1 (1).jpg

Thank you!
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I have a couple of characters I'd like to offer for consideration.

Misu - Misu on Toyhouse
Rhyo - Rhyo on Toyhouse

Thanks very much just for looking, even if neither of them strike your fancy. ^^