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I am new to fa and need a little help

Faunny C.

I'm a Deer-Dragon. Yup, that's a thing.
Can I have some clarification about adoptables and other sellable things. I am looking to sell artwork (specifically adoptables) but I don't really understand the nuances of it. Are there any unspoken rules or formalities I need to know of before I get started? And any advice from more experienced artists would be wonderful. Thank you!


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I never understood the idea of adoptables. in my opinion it is a cheap and money grubbing way to make some cash. BUT... at the same time, if you have the artistic ability to coerce people into buying art specifically to help said customer get a "tangible" understand of their character then just post some half (or fully) finished pieces with a water mark across it with your intended business ideals.
When people like your work they will ask you to draw them up some art for them..

If i didn't answer this correctly i am sorry, but really it just sounds like commision work. nothing more.

There are not many unspoken rules to ( furry) art, more so regarding commissions. Most rules of the trade are blatantly obvious. Don't steal/trace, don't gouge, and work to the customers demands.


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You have to know that you can't own a design, so if you make a cool fox adoptable there's nothing to stop others from using your palette, markings or the entire design all together.
Of course they can't use your picture, they'll have to draw the character themselves.


I believe it's all about you creating a design and concept for a character, that someone else can then buy and use for their own enjoyment. It's a way for people to get OCs they enjoy, if they lack the skills/imagination to create them themselves. You can even add a little name and backstory, if you wish.

As for the terms of the deal when you sell the adopt, that is up to you, and you should probably remember to mention these in the small print. Like, if they are allowed to resell, or how they can use the images. In general I'd imagine you'll be mostly hands off from that point on - the character belongs to someone else now.

If you look at other artists selling adoptables, you can probably find some good examples of terms of use.