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I am not an art artist but a paracord artist :)


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Like the title is saying I am not an art artist but a paracord crafting artist.
I did draw a lot a year ago, but since I discourved paracord my heart changed.

For the people who do not know what paracord is, it is a nylon cord with 7 core cords. It can resist pulling forces and you can knots with it. I knot dog collars/leashes, keychains, keycords and somethimes bracelets out of it. But I enjoying dog collars the most.

I make everything myself from the adaptable biothane closing till beautiful tassels.
This is my Fur profile Userpage of noulla -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Here are some photo's of my work :)

This one was for a Fila Brasileiro

This was for a Jack Russell Terriër

These one are special sighthound collars :)

Flower with pearl collar

And the happy dogs :)


And of course the keychains :) with different beads. These where for my friends pedicure salon
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