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I am the 13 Swords, and I am here to stay.


Sgt. Unfriendly
This forum is awesome. Intelligent frikkin discussion... I mean, there's some UNintelligent discussion, but THERE'S FRIKKIN INTELLIGENT DISCUSSION!

It's like finding aliens or something, but they drink coffee and talk politics...

A bit about myself: I am from Louisiana. I am Roman Catholic. If I had to give myself a political card, it'd be John-Mill-libertine. I can pop both shoulders out of socket and pop them back in. Fun tendons.

Some likes: Everything Orwell. Video games. Exercise- things such as running, sit-ups and lifts, specifically; I'm not much one for lifting weights. COFFEE. BLACK HOT CREAMY SUGARY BITTER I DON'T CARE COFFEE.

My dislikes: BOREDOM. Number one enemy, right there. Most of why I do stupid crap is boredom. It's going to kill me one day. Other than that, I dislike sarcasm when used facetiously; although sarcasm can be used to make a point and make it well, people abuse it to make a person angry. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, just that I dislike it.

My fursona: Dingo. Nothing too specific here; dingos are kinda terrifying and are the first animal that come to mind when I think "Manic."

Why you decided to join the forums: Was thinking, "Boy, I wish FA had a forum." Voiced that wish. Someone else said, "They do. Click community." And now I'm here.

Why I'm going to stay: I've already found people whose morals are not mine whom I may discuss issues with, and they know what the differences between criticism and insults are.


I am legion, for we are many.
Hey there, and welcome to FAF!
It seems you're in posession of something called "common sense", so I'm sure you'll have a good time here ;)