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I Beg u Fellow Artists,,


Please please please!! Make the images you send @ max 600px on the longest side. It's extremely hard to properly view your pieces, not to mention is scrolling hell! I'm pretty sure it'll help w/ getting more commissions and etc, too, since ppl would b able to see your works. aha, sorry if this sounds rude, but it's been frustrating to go through the selling threads n being inable to actually,,, see the art right. biggest turn off as someone who both buys and sells art,


Not really, tho it's easy to resize them. Regardless of the ability to zoom out, it's a complete hassle and I ain't up for none of that, n I'm pretty sure other clients ain't always up for that either, aha


Whenever you click the insert image thing, if you add ?width=#&height=#, it'll fix it for you!!!


Always ill as hell
I'm in the same boat here.
I actually dislike when I'm scrolling in the Art Sales area and I come across posts where the images are REALLY HUGE and it just takes forever to scroll down.. Not to mention, I know that computers nowadays can load images fast, but I'm from a mindset (and generation) where the BIGGER the image is, the LONGER it will take to load! So PLEASE think about people who probably still don't have a powerful computer to load an image fast. Like, imagine wanting to see people to see your works BUT the images are huge to the point they take time to load on their computer, and by the time they finish, that viewer probably has moved on to someone else with smaller, and easier to load images!
(This is why whenever I show my art, I try to make sure they aren't so huge when I post my examples, or if I'm working with clients in my own art thread, I put it under a spoiler for them to look at!)


Angry Lizard King
But how else will I get people to buy from me if my commission sheet doesn't span across five times the width of their monitor?!?!


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Also if you are on FA and are linking one of those pictures, if you copy it before you click it you’ll get the smaller, thumbnail version the site generated for you. It is quite convenient. Keeps them at an acceptable size.