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Submission Problem: I cannot add photography information to my submissions.


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I just made an account specifically for my photography. I have seen some people who upload their photographs add information about the camera, exposure, etc. When I look at my pictures on my HDD, I see some of this information listed, but when I post it to FA, that information doesn't seem to carry over to the submission.
So how can I add that information to my submissions as I am submitting them?
I have tried photographs taken with my Nikon 3200D and a photograph taken with my iPhone4.. Both of them, when I look at the details of the photograph on my computer, show details about exposure, time, aperture, etc. But when I load them to FA that information doesn't come over. I have looked at every setting I can and I see no way to add them.


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Make sure your camera is set up to save EXIF info with the pictures. I assume it is, if you are seeing this info when you transfer pictures to your computer. If this is on, then FA could be stripping it. FA strips that data if either the width or the height of the uploaded image is more than 1280 pixels. If the largest side of the image is equal to or smaller than 1280 pixels, the image is taken as is, and retains all the extra info. If the image is larger, it will be scaled down to fit within a 1280x1280 area, and saved as a jpg at a medium quality setting to save space, regardless of the original format (png,jpg,gif,etc). This not only strips the EXIF info, but it adds a noticable jpg quality loss to the image.

If you wish to retain more of the quality and keep the extra EXIF info, rescale your images to be no larger than 1280x1280 yourself, prior to uploading. I think that there is also a filesize limit of either 5 or 10 megs as well. If you go over, it triggers the reprocessing to shrink the filesize, and strips the EXIF data.

If your camera allows, turn EXIF on, and turn "save thumbnails with images" off. That keeps the filesize down. FA and every other site generates their own thumbnails as needed. Letting the camera store thumbnails in the pictures can make them as much as 300k larger for each.