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I can't decide a fersona.


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I am thinking I want to be either a Fox, a Wolf, or a Husky. Help me decide! Thanks.


Is there really that bigger difference?


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Nothing wrong with just sitting on the decision. Took me a few years to accept I'm furry after discovering the community, and a twice as long to finally have the realization of what my fursona was hit me on the head.

Ultimately Shadow Knuckles is right. Personality is more important that any of the other variables you can come up with. Real life quirks and behaviors are also a consideration.

At the very least, you appear to have canine decided.


Perpetuating the Stereotype
Just go with whatever suits you personally. I wouldn't worry about being original or anything, whatever you end up being somebody else is going to be almost the exact same thing.


Husky is a beautiful dog. I vote that.

But why not make a fursona for all of them? It's okay to have multiple. =3


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Is there really that bigger difference?

haha, you're funny. good joke.

i'd pick husky, although it would've been a good idea to make a poll.

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I'd tell you to flip a coin like I did... But...

A small problem there.


you could do random selection (name in a hat), you could have multiple fursonas, or even have all three combined.


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that is a hard one and only you can decide on. I decided a coyote/fox mix (any name for the species would be appreciated, I used the last of my creative juices drawing my avatar.) Mainly because I like both fox's and coyotes and i do tend to shy away from confrontations (of a violent nature, not all contact) but couldn't decide to go with ether coyote or fox, so i smashed them together. The main factor in deciding that would be your personality.

Colorado FireFox

Colorado FireFox
Why not be all three? I don't think there's an anthro Folfsky anywhere...
{Folfsky } nice} to let you know how i got mine.... i went and looked it up online and will i am the same as a reel fox so i am a fox. *ilove being a fox^^* sorry about the spelling if there is any:rolleyes:


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You should go into a forest and fast and meditate like the native americans did to find their spirit animal.

Sabine Sommer

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Try all three. I've gone through about 20 different species. Go with whatever you think is cool, if it becomes boring, change to something else.