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I can't draw help me pls


New Member
Hello to all. I came on this forum to ask for help you on the realization of my fursona. It has been approximately 6 months since I am registered on FA but I am really bad in drawing, I have already tried numerous times but the results were convincing not at all. That's why I am here, I look for somebody who could help me to give life to my sona, for example by a fast sketch or some precious advices. One thank you beforehand.


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If you could explain what your Fursona looks like and personality. That might help you get some artist interested to draw them.


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I also cant draw at all... however I can 3D modell off of bad drawings. I am currently developping a small game and use my first Fursona Draft that I 3D modelled in there. It's rather decent. If you arent opposed to 3D. Maybe try learning blender. Its totally different from Photoshop and making textures can also be approached mechanically