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I cant seem to find the right fur (First time making a fursuit)


I cant, for the life of me, find fur for this guy!
www.deviantart.com: Braxton Ref sheet 2018

theres just no long pile dark brown and long pile medium brown fur out there :/
I have checked so many sites

I dont want bad quality fur either, and it seems thats the only way to find it..

could you guys help? im making him as my first fursuit since hes so simple
but as you can see, his main fur is medium brown and his hair is dark brown...
im worried ill have to use bad fur despite spending 200$ already on good materials :c
or worse...change his design :/

I may have to use black for his hair but that'd be fine if you guys cant find the other fur, but please if you can find the right furs for him, comment them below or inbox me with them!

as long as you can find fur for his head, paws, tail, and feet, I can use black for his hair if I REALLY need to
but if you can find hair for that too, id appreciate it

also what material should I use for his eye lids? im thinking brown fleece maybe? or the same fur for his hair just cut down a ton


If you can lick it, it's probably safe
Sometimes you just have to wait long enough and get lucky. Fur is made in every shade and length imaginable, but ime its usually not available when you want it lol. Hunt around, ask around, it'll pop up. Try unusual sources, dm popular websites. Perhaps someone here will know someone who has a roll, or somewhere that stocks one.

Side note, sometimes cheap fur can be made better by applying a second backing. Have had some luck there, essentially just another later of material with a binder to help hold the fur down.

If nothing comes up and you're dead set, you might look into rit dye or similar products. It is possible to get white fur and permanently dye it any shade you want, but it takes some work. Biggest problem I see is people dye many small parts separately and end up with different shades. I've had luck doing everything at once and really making sure it's set evenly, or building the dye up slowly to match a reference. It's messy and none to easy, but it is an option.

I'll keep an eye open for you as I hunt for some medium pile light charcoal, who knows :)


If you can lick it, it's probably safe
Did you ever find what you're looking for? There's some long pile dark brown and cocoa fur on ebay that might interest you, search for "Mongolian Mohair Flokati"

Ordered a yard of the Charcoal Gray variant and it's quite nice, you have to cut it right down to the backing to see it and even a hard fold doesn't bring it out.