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I can't take it anymore!

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Lately, due to my inability to properly analyze my own emotions and constrain them, I've been thinking about how persecuted I feel in this fandom, mostly due to the fact that I regularly throw extremely caustic opinions out at random people, randomly, in a random fashion. Due to attacking people's sexuality, posting random troll threads, and just generally being a complete jerk, people do weird things like block me and get upset and attack me and ban me from discord servers! This is extremely unfair treatment and it really just goes to prove how much everyone is out to get me. And NO, I DO NOT have a victim complex, this is all like legitimate stuff and everything, okay? People's inability to understand ME is why I have to be such a dick all the time and post garbage and complain about the fandom being full of degenerates. Also, calling people in the fandom degenerates is absolutely NOT psychological projection from my insecurities stemming from my obsession with tentacle feral dragon inflation yiff. That's a very unfair accusation and I can't believe you brought it up.

Not only that, but only the sexualities that I agree with actually exist. Any other sexualities are just people trying to get attention, which is totally not like this thread. (This thread is totally not about drawing tons of negative attention to myself because I feel emotionally wound up and have a constant urge to just lash out at people.) Also people feel the need to constantly express their sexualities, like "STRAIGHT" and "HOMO" and I find this extremely offensive to my fur sexuality, which is the ONLY legitimate sexuality out there. Duh.

To summarize, everything is your fault, and I take no responsibility for my own actions, because that would just be weird and like degenerate or something.


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While I gather that this is a gag thread, I have already received several reports regarding it.

As a result, I'm going to close this up before comments are taken out of context.
Not open for further replies.