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I can't "this"


I've noticed that I no longer have a "this" option. Did I abuse it? Will I get it back? Is this the same for all users?

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
nope seems too work fine.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
I guess so.

Also: Still working for me.


Active Member
I must LOL that Dragoneer fav'd every single reply in this thread.

He's such a sneaky guy. >=3


New Member
Wow. Nice how between 'Neer and The Drunken Ace / Tash just about every post here got this'd.

...And that's why I love FAF.


I think maybe you get to use a certain number of "thises" every day, I found this out just now the way you did.. :V


'Net Help Desk
The ones 'Neer tagged are the only ones I can't, for some reason.