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I changed my favorite color

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colors of the rainbow:
Favorites: red cause it reminds me of me killing you and spreading your blood everywhere
purple cause it turns me on
blue cause it turns me on
pink because it turns me on (under the right circumstances)


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You haven't changed your favourite color, you've just realized that you've actually liked red all your life, but were repressing your feelings due to how society treats people who like red.
It is time to fight for red rights! THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN IGNORED FOR TOO LONG! I'm actually green, which means society kneels down and kisses my feet, but I'm not afraid to show my support. One end of the stoplight reaching out to the other.


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There's a thread about favorite colors just a few post down from this one....

But, as I said in THAT thread:
Red, it tells me what to jump across, what to climb onto, and what balance beams I need to cross.
It also tells me at the exact moment I should disarm an opponent.

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May all your bacon burn.


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This thread and OP make me sad.

Go back to the mainsite, Hayf :V


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My Favorite color has a tendency to change......


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My favorite color is FAG. That's right.


Where is your mod now?
Blue, grey, and orange are pretty cool.


What the hell is this?

Posting in a locked forum? I dont even.....
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