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I did it! I finished my sona :D (for now)


The Last of Us.
Well for now at least :p
The qualities horrible, i was using some shoddy online pseudo-photoshop, plus i was using a mouse. The markings are supposed to be more refined but its right for placement. The grey stripes on the chest are a bit more of a stretched S shape, the cyan markings on the neck a similar shape but much sharper more like a Z.


Inspirations for design: Added the white streaks under the eyes to reflect my eyes since im so shit at falling asleep. The white thumb, middle, and index fingers are a reference to the Tron: Legacy suit design. Regular show made me realised how cool white bands on the wrists were, and the chest was loosely inspired by the Halo 4 Venator helmet.

I dont know if its the done thing with posting fursona's but here's that bio form thing. I see my fursona as just a visual represenation of me, so all this is applicable to me aside from the anthro body of course :p well same height.
Just filled in random shit, too tired to write every detail about me -_-

Name: Harbinger, or Harb if 3 syllables is 2 too many for ya.
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Canis lupus
Height: 5' 8" (173cm)
Orientation: Straight
Weaknesses: Bullets to the vital organs

Favorite games: TitanFall, Halo, Metroid, Monster Hunter, Half Life, Dead Space, Pokemon, Last of Us, Mass effect (up untill the dreaful ME3 ending)
Favorite music: Deadmau5, Kavinsky, Daft Punk, Gorrilaz, Miike Snow, Gotye, The Killers.
Favorite movies: Aliens, Predator, District 9, Pacific Rim, Tron: Legacy, Hellboy, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Moon, Looper, John Carpenters The Thing

Likes: Bugs, predatory mammals, fish amphibians, reptiles, basically everything to do with nature and the natural world, except monkies, primates can fuck off. Wintery landscapes and weather, also chilling out in the night air. Gaming and photography when my camera's not being a dick.
Dislikes: Cities, people being dicks to the environment, the chinese (is there any living thing they wont butcher for dick medicine?), chimpanzee's, flying via man made aircraft is my only fear, crowds, extreme heat.
Hobbies: Keeping and breeding a variety of exotic pets, photography of said pets and wildlife, and gaming.
Personal quote: "I wish it was alive so i could kill it..." -Harbinger in regards to a faulty xbox controller.
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGzJFJRkmCE
Birthdate: 7 / 11 / 92 (day, month, year for you yanks)
Star sign: Scorpio
Favorite food: KFC, chocolate, ben and jerries ice cream
Favorite drink: Ice cold fruit juice, and not ice cold Tea, milkshakes are also pretty rad.
Favorite location: Forests, general untouched wildernesses.
Favorite weather: Thunder and lighting.
Favorite color: Dark grey i guess.
Enemies: Minecraft skeletons, The Covenant, "MLG" gamers, PETA and APA.
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Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
Good for you.


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Nice man!! My fursona keeps evolving every time I get a tattoo,different color and expression but the tattoo I have on my profile signifies alot to me which is strength,overcoming fear and overcoming everything that comes in my path!!


That derp from faf
Cool, I think it would be cool if you worked the Scorpio into the design as it is the coolest star sign... no I am not favoring it just coz its my star sighn.


The Last of Us.
Longer than that :I
I was just constantly tweaking this and that untill i realised i kinda had the same kinda look for a while so i figured that was it :p