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I did the thing! (bio form)



Finally got off my ass and wrote out my 'sona. It's rather (read: ridiculously) long. Since I can't draw for shit, I was a bit more explicit in the appearance section than most just in case I end up commissioning art for her at some point. I tried to separate things out so it's easier to get through, but let me know if you have any questions, ideas, or critiques!

Name: Ellie
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Maine Coon


- Height:
- Weight: 200ish lbs.. I dunno I'm bad at weights
- Build: Curvy, with an hourglass shape and a cute pudgy tum
- Bust: 38 D
- Fur: Long and soft, kept particularly shaggy on the chest and thighs/hips, the base color is a creamy, sandy blonde.
- Hair: Long, down to her mid back, and wavy. It's also sandy blond but with white highlights, and she's dip-died it a warm raspberry wine about a foot from the tips.
- Ears: typical cat ears. They're a bit darker near the tips, almost a caramel color, before fading back into blonde and eventually white at the base. The inside is a reddish brown and the tufts are white.
- Tail: about as long as she is tall. Extremely fluffy, you just want to cuddle with it. The top is blonde and the underside is white.
- Markings: She has a white chest, going from the front of her neck down past her navel and onto her butt. Her chin and the area around her mouth to her nose is also white. The bridge of her snoot is the same blonde as her cheeks, but she has a white streak that covers her eyelids up to her brow bone and across the bridge of her nose. She has stripes of darker blonde/brown throughout the rest of her fur.
- Socks: Her legs are white from toes to knees and up her inner thighs
- Eye color: blue
- Other features: She has a double bridge piercing between her eyes that she doesn't keep in too often, and standard piercings in both her ears.


Behavior and Personality: Ellie is very introverted and shy except when it comes to her close friends. Or online communities where she can hide behind a username. Then it's no holds barred. Get her comfortable enough with you and she will tell you everything about anything, no shame. The same goes for her levels of sass. Oh, she'll be incredibly polite and sweet when you first meet her, but once she knows you can take a teasing, she'll back-sass your ass quicker than you can say "no judgment".

When she's not hanging out with her friends and playing games, she likes going off on her own to read, sleep, and come up with crazy new ideas for rpgs. She can be very inventive and quick witted, often finding solutions that no one in their right mind would have considered. Having a flair for the dramatic, she easily falls into any character she creates. That can also lead to her getting overly attached to said characters and take in-game roleplay too personally, sometimes to the point of crying as she's a bit of a weeper.

While she tries not to let on, she can be extremely self-conscious and jealous of others, especially if she feels they haven't "earned" something. She'll typically try to avoid people she has harsh feelings towards, as she knows that she can and will end up chewing them out over whatever trait she dislikes in them and she prefers to keep some semblance of peace. But no matter how much she may judge others, she always judges herself more harshly. This can lead to bouts of depression and anxiety, which she takes medication for.


Skills: baking, organization, tetris, and math of all things
Weaknesses: she is literally very weak. Like she has no muscle at all. Oh, and anxiety, and laziness.

Likes: stories with debatable endings, board games, philosophical discussions about mundane topics, and sleeping in sunny spots
Dislikes: being too hot or too cold, getting into heated arguments, the smell of the city in the summer (it's like moldy piss, ech), and mornings.


History: She's just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere. Just a city boy, born and raised in south New York, he took the midnight train going anywhere...

Haha, but seriously, Ellie was a country cat growing up on a small family farm in the middle of podunk nowhere. She went to Chicago for college (taking the train, no less) and ended up meeting her city boy there. Those four years were quite the time for her- she met the love of her life, played her first session of DnD which led to an obsession that turned into a business, her parents divorced, she became an aunt, and she almost dropped out right before her last year. Ultimately she graduated with her BA in English and moved into a condo with a small group of friends and her boyfriend, Benjamin.


Clothing/Personal Style: Ellie keeps things pretty low-key. She enjoys fall fashion most- favoring jeans, tall socks, over-sized sweaters, and well-tailored jackets. Geeky t-shirts make up about 70% of her wardrobe and she is almost always wearing her burgundy combat boots if she's wearing shoes at all. She likes ultra feminine makeup (as much as you can wear when you're a fur face) and unique pieces of jewelry.

Goal: Write a fantasy novel series to rival Tolkien and Martin
Profession: Ellie is a professional rpg player and GM, running her own blog and video/podcast series about her experiences. (It's also an excuse for me to commission art of her in so many different settings and outfits).
Personal quote: "when in doubt, start a riot"
Birthdate: 9/9/1991
Star sign: Virgo

Favorite food: sushi (cliche, I know)
Favorite drink: hot cocoa and baileys
Favorite location: libraries
Favorite weather: sunny and cool, or summer storms
Favorite color: wine or burgundy

Least liked food: raw red onions
Least liked drink: cheap beer
Least liked location: large crowds. they make her anxious and claustrophobic
Least liked weather: sweltering heat

Favorite person: Bob Ross, followed closely by her mom, then her boyfriend
Least liked person: that one asshole, you know the one.
Friends: her gaming group, her other gaming group, her other other gaming group
Relations: She has an older brother and sister, two divorced parents, and 4 little baby nephews- soon to be six!
Enemies: The evil arch-mage Lorezapan and his cultists of doom!
Significant other: Benjamin (a short corgi boy from the city)
Orientation: Bisexual
And that's it! For now at least. I'm sure I'll think so something else later.

Oh! And here's a photo from a dress up game I used to help get a feel for her colors and markings. It's... not great, especially since it's more of a neko than furry, but it was a jumping off point at the very least.

Edit (9/25): I made a palette (spoiler for basics, link for more info)
color scheme.png
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f*ck me, this is longer than expected.
(that's what she said, ba dum tss)