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I don't know anyone how do I make friends in the fandom

Gosh, wish I had gotten into it at that age. I didn't discover the furry fandom until my early 20s. My ex hated my drawings, and I ended up being a closet fur for about 10 years. I envy you. I've since escaped that situation, and taken refuge with a fellow furry. I could use some friends myself, but a little closer to 30 would be more appropriate.


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Hi, John! Meet Dj_dakota. DJ, meet John!

You two should message each other :3

im a fursuiter and im......
almost 13

Wait, are you serious? Weren't you recently asking about meets and stuff around here? I don't have anything against it of course, it's just not very common to see that age group. I mean, if your parents are cool with it and you should be careful, of course. Not so much a thing just with furries, but any group of people off the net.


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Is there any other 13 year old fursuiters because I feel like I'm the only one and I don't have any furry friends that I can talk too about fursuits and fursona stuff like that
yup I'm a 13 year old fur-suiter XD kinda my suit hasn't come yet but I'm really excited for it to come


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I'm really glad I found some fursuiters my age and my parents are fine with it also i know to be careful and stay away from that side of the fandom