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I Drawed You A Egg


The Silent Observer

Eygh happened to notice Eggbert already trying to set up a game on his own.
"Silly Eggbert!" Eygh laughed. "You can't play the Sting of the Beezlebub by yourself! You would need at least two players for that!"

Eygh managed to convince Eggbert to help set up a game that everyone could play instead!


The Silent Observer

As Eygh and his new fwanz were setting up the game, they heard the delivery boy come knocking!
Pizza! Hooray!
To add to the eggcitement, the delivery boy, Benedict, has eggreed to join in on the fun!

Eygh is so proud to have eggquired so many new franz!
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Technology won't save you
I don't know what you are referencing, but I am glad if it makes you happy~!
It was an obscure little absurdist webcomic from the early 2000s featuring a cast of poorly-drawn penguins and non-sequiturs. For some reason it's remained lodged in my brain.


The Silent Observer
Aaaand blindfolds OFF!


Whoops! Averywan eggcidentally dressed the wrang potato!
They still dress a potato however, and since they all want at the same teem, they all wein!

But Eygh was starting to get sleep. And what better way to wind down than with movie?