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I feel incredible, says pregnant man


well what is it?
Its pretty awesome, talking to a Transsexual, you can call them whatever the fuck you want. They are physiologically closer to one sex, but mentally closer to another. So you can refer to them as male or female, whatever you feel like! You never need to worry about confusing pronouns. Personally, I like to call them what they look closest too. What they think they are has no real bearings on reality, at least not to me, and certainly has no influence on the way I refer to them as.


Kinda late but:

CommodoreKitty -

No. Fail. Did you read any of the thread? You display such a complete lack of human respect that I find it almost baffling.

You cannot refer to a transsexual as whatever the fuck you want. I mean, I suppose you could, the same way you could choose to disrespect anybody, but this is by no means ACCEPTABLE behaviour and I'm a bit appalled that you think it could be.

Also your complete failure to read any posts in this thread amazes me as well.

If you're not sure what gender someone is, and you don't know what pronouns to call them by, you ask. It's really that simple. That's the respectful, polite thing to do. If you are afraid of offending them or are too shy to ask, you use neutral pronouns until you find out (they, their, etc, NEVER 'it') by hearing a friend of theirs refer to them or something.

I am seriously nauseated by some of you people.
Despite the fact that I'm sure it would be better for my sanity to stay out of this little debate, I feel like I need to insert my two cents.
First of all, to all of the people who are being so completely rude regarding transgenderism and humanity in general: what did these people ever do to YOU to lose your respect so completely and totally? You have had no interaction with this man, so you have absolutely no reason to be so rude.
Also, since I'm presuming that most everyone on these forums is, in fact, furry--WTH? You like anthropomorphic animals/people! Most of us get off on it, in fact! And you're upset over someone who feels like they're physically the wrong gender? Some furries feel like they're physically the wrong species! >.< (Please, I'm not trying to say any of this is bad, or bring up a new argument, just making a point)
If you have trouble understanding the concept of being transgendered, allow me to attempt to explain it:
Imagine waking up one morning with the wrong genitalia (if it makes you feel scientifically better, you can pretend you still have the correct chromosomes) and having everyone suddenly call you by the opposite sex for the rest of your life. Imagine trying as hard as you can to convince them that you're actually your original gender, even though you have the wrong parts. Except that people tell you you're crazy, make fun of you, deny it, and, in general, just act like total jerks around you.
Now times that by all the years it's going to take you to get enough money saved up to get a surgery to restore your original gender, plus the time it takes for the counseling and money for the hormone pills. As some transgendered people are never able to get surgery, or choose not to, you can just pretend that's the rest of your life.
-.- Now, grant it, it isn't quite that bad for all transgendered people, however it can be--and worse.

Now to (a little) talk about the actual article:
I think that's it's wonderful that this man has so much confidence in his gender that he's able to have a child. I have a female-to-male transgender friend and I know that the mere thought of doing or being anything female really bothers him--He's lived his whole life as a female until not long ago, and he's tired of it. So the fact that this man has the courage and confidence to go through with the pregnancy, for his wife and for himself, is a really wonderful thing.
Also... I rather dislike m-preg and whatnot, however, I don't find the image particularly scarring. o_O Though I did recently spend about 2 hours surfing Archived "Rule 34" threads (don't ask >.<"), so I do believe that I killed that part of my brain that actually gets offended/scarred by images. o.o