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I finally made my first official fursona! Any suggestions?

Do you think my first sona is good? (Be honest!)

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Local Trash Rat

I am super proud of how she turned out!!!!!! She's my first ever fursona AND I??? love her so far ;;;;; Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do better next time?????? I would totally love suggestions!

Here's her bio anyway if any of you care to know:​
Name: Mary (Mae)
Age: 15!
Sex: Female (she/her)
Species: Tanezumi rat
Height: 158cm
Weight: 42kg
- Typically has a mean and negative demeanor
- Has a short temper, especially in games
- Takes games seriously most of the times, and sometimes doesn't take it seriously at all
Likes: Games, cute outfits, reading, drawing
Dislikes: People who intentionally throws and flames others in games


A Lynx to the past
"How about you shut up?" Love it XD. Does she have a prosthetic arm or is there some other reason why there are 2 shots of her with no left arm?


I like her design.

A recommendation would be to flesh out her personality, her experiences, her views/beliefs, etc.