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I Got $30, and I'm Seeking An Artist To Commission...


The Vorish Firelizard
I seek a color, no-background, two-character drawing. The characters would be me, Charem the Charmeleon, and my Master Guan in his new Charizard-gecko-iguana hybrid form. The focus would be on Guan, as the purpose of this picture is to get a good drawn reference of his new form.

I would like the image to be mildly yiffy. We're both male, and it would be nice if our 'bits' could be showing.

Is any artist willing to draw such an image for $30? Or does anyone know an artist who would be commissionable for such?
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If you haven´t decided on an artist yet please take a look on him, he is willing to do it a full drawing with background and all for that money... http://www.furaffinity.net/user/talthec/ this is his page and this is an example of how your commision could be: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1748537/
Please be sure to check his gallery because he does various styles and that submission is just my favourite...
Note him on his gallery if you have any questions.