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I Got A Little Extra Money I Need To Spend


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Hello there! I currently have $10 extra dollars (I can easily go a bit higher if needed) and I'm interested in just about anything you can offer for around that price. It can be sfw, nsfw, a sketch, a headshot, a short story, etc. Now the specifics can be talked about in private. If you want to experiment or something like that go ahead! If you're interested leave a reply or private message me! Thanks!


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I happened upon your thread by chance, but I just opened my commissions and I have a few things starting from $10. I can link you to my commission sheet, if you'd like.


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Hi! i would like to do your request! here some example of my art and what i can do for that price.
If you want see more art, you can go here---> QueenSolaris on DeviantArt , and here you can find all the commission i made so far --->solaris91's profile — Weasyl
IF you need clarification, don't be afraid to ask :)

Sketch 5$:

ICON 5$:

CHIBI 10$:


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Hello! I figured I may as well leave my information here for you to look over.
I'm a professional freelance digital artist with over 10 years experience working one-on-one with others to bring their concepts to life.
I offer a large variety of different commission types, including icons, full-body lineart, and colored headshots, that fall within or very near to your budget.

If you'd like to commission me or have any questions, please feel free to contact me with a note on FA (same username), through PM here on the forum, or directly via e-mail.

I also have a dedicated website that I use to organize all of my Commission information, such as my Terms of Service, FAQ, what I'm currently offering, and more.
You can find my commission application here.

Below are some breakdowns of my Sticker, Linework, and Busts commission types, as well as links to direct examples in the spoiler beneath each:

Thank-you so much for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Hello ! I'd be interested in working with you. Within your budget, I could do a flat-colored headshot icon for $10 USD or a colored bust sketch (waist&up) for $10 USD. If you were looking at other options and were willing to increase your budget slightly, I could also do a cleanly lined colored and shaded bust or a flat-colored fullbody sketch for $20. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to message me on here or note me on my FurAffinity directly below. On my FurAffinity is also a link to my DeviantART page, if you would prefer to contact me there. Below you will also find examples.
Artwork Gallery for werewolf-kun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net



I'm taking fullbody flatcolor sketches for $7 and headshots for $5. Examples below.



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Hello! I can do head shots/busts for less than 10, and full body characters such as below for $10

it varies slightly depending on additional details you'd like, but it can definitely easily remain in your price range! You can also check out my profile below and my other work if you'd like more examples.