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I had the strangest urge recently =/ Have you had a similar urge?

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So yeah. I was watching TV as usual and a comersial for one of those dream "perfect" vacations came on. Normal yeah but then came the clip of a dolphin resting it's heads in the palms of girl and I had the sudden urge to grab a dolphin in a hug and cry my heart out over an imaginary shoulder.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Have you ever has such a will to do something similar to this? :confused: I'm not trying to sound melodraumatic, melodrama is too annoying ><, but a tear came to my eye soon after when I realized I cant because I don't know where the nearest dolphin is or if I could do that :mad:

Odd yeah. =/ Share your similar, spur of the moment urges.:grin:


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I had an urge to pinpoint a beam of sunlight on my hand using a magnifying glass, and undure the pain as long as I could. Left a big black mark for a few days.


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I once had an urge to climb out the window of a moving vehicle, from the front seat, and climb in the back window. On the highway, at about 75 MPH. I'm lucky I'm still alive to this day>

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wow....you're both crazy *glomps*


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I once had the urge to take my minivan and do donuts in my friends yard. YAY ALMOST ROLLING OVER.


If I acted on some of my urges, people would be dead, including me.


Mmm.. not really an urge, but the other day i was reading webcomics (actually better days), and after i finished (read all the comic that day) i dont know why but I felt just... happy, like everything in the world was ok (even the comic its nothing like that)... and that was a strange feeling... : )


I once acted on my urges , sadly it was shortly after chopping and handling habanero peppers and the urge was to fap.....................


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My urges are more out of sexual deviance.

I once had an urge to fap pretty much wherever I could get away with it -- never finished that one in the back seat of my mom's car while she was driving and my step dad was sleeping.


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Well when I was in high school a kid my ex knew slapped her ass. Being a normal man I had an urge and I pushed him down the stairs and screamed obscenity's at him. well I was almost expelled but I don't regret what I did. I look back at it and laugh at the face he made when there was nothing to grab on to. O__O


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One time I was walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot and saw this dude and his girl arguing. Didn't think too much of it. I got a few steps away and then heard a smack, turned around, and she was lying on the ground. In one of the more badass moments of my life, I sprinted over jumped from about 5 feet away, grabbed his head and slammed it into the hood of the nearest car. I watched him crumple to the ground then looked over at her, gave her kind of a nervous smile and a wave and booked it back to my car and drove off.

Pretty sure that dude's not going to hit a woman again for fear of random passerby slamming his head into a car.

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*glomps wolf* OMG! you diserve a cookie for that! *gives cookie*


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I have the urge a lot to go to the arcade >.>;; or just to get out of the damn house and do something though I usually act more on the latter.

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(ninja'd) @Merp: me too....for some odd reason =/
@Teriath: I wish I had an arcade around here....all i got is trees....=/


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Trees can provide entertainment for hours...

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I once acted on my urges , sadly it was shortly after chopping and handling habanero peppers and the urge was to fap.....................

Hmm...I dunno what fap means but anything with habanero peppers inside FA is one recipe for something rather......bad:)


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I have Gamer Tourettes, which is similar to Sports-fan tourettes. "Oh Shi... WTF was that F***ing hacker being a god-damn mother f***ing basement dweller. C'mon mods, WTF, quit Fapping, and get ur asses down here and start dishing out bans like a drivethrough crack dealer in downtown detroit.
The urge to hug a dolphin? Sure, I've had that!

And it's easy to satisfy. All you need to do is collect around $125, find an aquarium near you with a dolphin contact program and sign up for a half hour of dolphin interaction. And depending on where you go you'll get to do various things, one of which almost always includes hugging, but may also include getting towed while holding onto their back fins. :3

Course they charge you up the ass for the videos and photos of your experience as well, so you might want to budget twice that.

Of course if you don't live in a place which has aquariums or marine parks with dolphins then you might be out of luck unless you want to go on a vacation.

And I hear if you go to Cuba you can get more than a hug!


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i'm broke. My new 360 drained me....I HATE MONEY!! >.=.<


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Heh... Don't talk to me about urges...

It's not really a problem I try to make public (even if I am talking about it on a forum), but I get these weird-ass urges, and they can be anything, from merely hugging or being nice to punching, kicking or generally hurting someone. They can also be quite explicit... But I'd rather not talk about those ones, let's just leave it at extremely violent murder and/or rape.

You think of it, I've more than likely had an urge to do it. Problem is, I have a small anger problem, and when I start getting really worked up, the urges become harder to suppress and I can barely think, contributing to the growing anger. I'm also not sure if it is a form of insanity or just a phase... Never really heard about the problem.

I'm thinking, best get it out there, apparently it isn't good to keep this shit hidden...
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