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I has a Question about markings!!!


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My snow leopard's rosettes spell 'Ooooooo'
You sked the Chettah, and I consulted the Zebra. He said LLIIILYYLLIILLII.
So the message is either "I Lie" or "I Love You", whichever works.

Well, to answer this poor poster cereally,
I'd have to say you'll probably never find a standardzed marking on any furry, unless it's a friendship mark when two people were creating furonas together or something like that. The point of a fursona is that it is all your own and doesn't conform to any standards.

And just BTW, most actual red foxes have slightly dark stripes going along the sides of their nose. Is that what you mean?

And BTW it's an aqua shell, not a blue one ;O


resident spaceship
Sparkledog with huge hair and rainbows out the ass usually always = scenewhore.

Other than that, I have no fucking clue.
I chose Vae's coloration based on my favorite colors.


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No, you're just paranoid. Anyways, it's the green ones you need to watch out for.


Yeah well candy ravers are the fine line between scene kids an hippies anyways.

You have no clue what you're talking about, do you, kid?


is emo.

You have no clue what you're talking about, do you, kid?
Sure I do. Scene kids are those ppl with big hair like teh lady on teh progressive commercials but with all sorts of bows in it and they're always saying rawr and talking about dinosaurs and cookies and stuff. And the males are all gay.


is emo.

Scene kids are a spinoff of emo, mixed with bits of everything they can grab from any other fad, thrown into a horrendous little shit pile to call their own.
They're a cross between emos, ravers, and preps. And hippies.


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They all lie, the blue shells are a secret otter communication device that show us who's in the ultra super secret blue seashell decoder club.