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I have a question about selling


Gijinka lover
So, I really need to clean my folders since I have a lot of caracters that I don't draw neither rp with them (or even like them like before) so I started to sell them.

Before somebody ask me this : «Do you have proofs that this is yours»
... how do I prove this ?! OAO
I do a screen of my pile of folders in my computer ?

In fact, since I wanted to change my username on DA, I erased my first account and made another one, so I cannot really put a Web proof that this is mine.
Do you think my pc have the dates of creation of my files ?

(yes I am a noob for this kind of sale, please understand this stupid question)
did you draw or create them originally, or did you get them from someone else?
If you did, then just go back to whoever they came from and make sure it's okay. as long as you're good with the original owner (or if it's just yourself) and are transparent about that, then no one's gonna be asking for proof