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I have, have you?


Resident Stone Age Fox
I have! If I remember correctly, the longest continuous play-session I've done was a bit over 8 hours, trying to keep myself going during an all-nighter some years ago now. Don't think I could do it again now, not that I don't spend too much time playing video games.

I have visited 12+ European countries in my life, have you?

I have swum over a coral reef; have you?

Damn, you beat me!


What's this?
No, I've never been to Europe.

Swung on a swing set on the fourth floor of my grandparent's house. Have you?
The idea of swinging too hard and free falling a dozen meters onto our neighbours' front yard wasn't nice.


AKA Durango Thunderfoot
I think I actually have

I have been in the facility in which the fossils are stored at a natural history museum. Have you?


Woof? Woof
Nope, I have not.

I have seen wolves up close. Have you?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
I have not, but my parents did once, I think at a Polish restaurant.

I've been on the wrong side of the tracks before. Have you?


The Honey Fox
I have not, but my parents did once, I think at a Polish restaurant.
Well... guess why I had one X3

Hmm... I haven't if you mean an urban area by it. At least I can't think of a situation.

I have seen Mona Lisa in real life, have you?
I got the chicken pocks the day I had a wisdom tooth pulled.

I have road tripped over 12 hours by car to go to a concert, have you?
Yep, Salt Lake to Seattle
Loooong ride -,-
(~14 hours)
I have almost been hit by a car on a 4 lane roadway, have you?


“Tango” the Aviator
I was almost hit by a car as well. It wasn’t fast though.

I have encountered road rage before, have you?


aka Cutter Cat
Yes, I have. It was not pleasant.

I have driven for 24 hours straight, have you?


AKA Durango Thunderfoot
I have not.

I have actually been hit by a car on a four-lane road. Have you?


The Honey Fox
Nope. I've never got hit by a car.

I've participated in throwing out a Christmas tree over the window*. Have you?

*) We had to get rid of it after Christmas and it was dropping needles everywhere


aka Cutter Cat
Kinda... but not really.

I drove a 1926 Cadillac Sport Roadster, have you? That's not fair, actually. There are only about ten of them in existence... Do over.
I have put a roof on a building. Have you?


train hopping paint cryptid
Five, and then some. Even spent some holidays there.

I've been the reason rules were made (or changed), have you?


Late Healer Ferret
No I haven't even tried...

I have had my gallbladder removed, have you?


Will fly you around for hugs and pats
Yup, I cried even....

I have been suspended from school for defending myself, have you?