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I have, have you?


aka Cutter Cat
No... but I almost got suspended for dumping about a hundred pounds of drippy, wet snow from a second story balcony onto my school's principal about a month before I graduated high school. It knocked him to the ground, tore his suit, bloodied his knees, and knocked his glasses off. For the next month, he interviewed almost everybody in the school trying to find out who did it. One day, he cornered me and asked me into his office, but then changed his mind because he said I "never did anything" and let him go. I did tell him I did it though, about ten years later at one of my class reunions.

I have had my eye pulled out of the socket, have you? (My eye is all right by the way... just something they had to do for a surgery when I was quite young)


commission writer - fluffy and cute to boot
nope, i have not! knock on wood, i hope i never do -- i've seen some nasty stories and pictures!

i have eaten live octopus tentacles before (and they came with a doctor's warning to chew extensively before swallowing, just in case the suckers decided to attach to the inside of your throat), have you?


aka Cutter Cat
Octopus, yes. A live one, no.

I HAVE broken a bone in my body. Have you?


AKA Durango Thunderfoot
I have not.

I have replaced a clutch in a car, Have you?


aka Cutter Cat
Wow... you got me. I have not.

I have seen a sea snake in the wild. Have you?


aka Cutter Cat
Yes, I have. I was young and didn't know how to get it out, so I took some scissors and cut it out, leaving a bald spot. It was the middle of summer and my mom wondered why I was wearing a stocking cap.

I once ran over a nest of yellow jackets with a lawn mower. Have you?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
No but I once stepped on one while hiking and was stung so many times I fainted when I was perhaps 9 or 10. Maybe that's one reason for choosing skunk as a fursona: we can eat bees and wasps!

I have guided a team of sled dogs. Have you?


back to Aussie foxying!
Aww, that'd be super fun, but unfortunately no!

I've been chased by a dog. Have you?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
I have...A Doberman! I have always been kinda scared of that breed, since I was a kid. Also, I call them Doberman Pinchers, as a result.

I have been bitten by a seagull before. Have you? (I was walking the shore of Lake Michigan, and came across one, tangled in fishing line, struggling, so I helped untangle it. What a lot of strength even a relatively small animal can have; I still recall the struggling. I did succeed, and the gull flew off, but all I got was bit and some scratches as a thanks!)


Pirate Fox Mom
Never been bitten but I did lose the front and rear windscreens on my last car when I hit one of the really big ones at 70mph.

I overcame my fear of flying, have you?


aka Cutter Cat
I never had a fear of flying, or heights, but congratulations.

I won a chess tournament once, have you?


Resident Stone Age Fox
Yes, I may have left two in a cafe on a mountain in Norway several years ago...

I have come second in a college writing comp, have you?

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
Sadly no, purely because I never entered despite being encouraged to by my programming teacher.

I have once found someone's home, last name and where their parents work based on a slice of pizza they sent in discord... Have you done anything somewhat similar?
(To follow up on that, no I don't encourage stalking anyone, and IP doesn't count because that's lame. The guy asked what I studied and I said Computer Science, he didn't believe me so I somewhat proved it by locating him in discord server based on a single slice of pizza.)


aka Cutter Cat
Kinda. I was metal detecting and tracked down the owner of a set of WWII Navy dog tags.

I found human remains once, have you? (I was helping my uncle dig for bottles in a privy "old out house" and we started finding bones. We found the whole skeleton. The skull had a bullet hole in it and in the bottom of the pit, we found a rusty lump of a gun. The murder was probably in the mid 1880s.)


aka Cutter Cat
Oh yeah! Stinky!

I once put a bag of popcorn in the microwave and left it in waaaay to long... Have you?
Unfortunately I have, and it was the last bag too :(

I’ve walked to church in -10 degree weather, have you?


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
No. The coldest I've ever been outside in is -14C but I was at work, rather than at church.

I have thrown a pair of burning socks out of a window. Have you?


blue/teal bat thing.

I have never done anything.. Have you?