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I have, have you?

sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
Nope, but I'd love to see one

I've went swimming in the ocean, have you?


where am I?
Yes! Its very good, but also very expensive ;w;

I've been in the hospital, have you?
A few times. For my self when I was little for some random injuries, then more recently the visit people I know.

I’ve spoken to a crow, have you?
(Context: crows can be taught to speak like parrots, and are very smart, I met one at a nature preserve.)


Joy Boi
I've not actually. i dont take much cash with me, and id be sad ;w;

I have grown my hair out so if I commit a crime I can shave it and look different. Have you xD


Fun loving kitty cat
I have, i don't like to shave it because i'm lazy. But I do trim it!

I have tried magic mushrooms, have you?

I have, and have had some wonderful times with them in the far past TBH, but as with most psychedelics it became either a gamble or active work to ensure a positive and safe experience for minimal gain. (I'm already a giggly, bubbly, crazy fun-loving playful kitten, frankly the shrooms didn't change much in the end! LOL)

I have scaled a rock wall freeclimbing (no ropes/gear) long time ago and frankly, will never ever again!!! But, have you?


Not a rock wall, but a few sandy cliffs...

I've climbed up and down the "Exorcist Steps" in Washington DC, have you?