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I have, have you?

Nexus Cabler

Abstract Concepts Coordinator
I have not, but then again, I haven't been sailing that long probably

I have learned to play the trumpet, have you?


Pirate Fox Mom
I am tone deaf, and couldn't carry a tune in a container ship nevermind a bucket...
So no...

I have found rare loot at car boot sales.


Joy Boi
No I have not, people scare me.

I have failed at phone conversations many times and just stumble over my words before hanging up quickly without saying good bye.


Probably lurking.
Yes, I have done this, many times, I dread phone calls.

I have reached rank 1 on games online leader boards, have you?


Joy Boi
I have! Not anything world wide, but this game I do has weekly leader boards with like 10 other people.

I have done something really stupid tried to leave, left then went back to clean it, look at it again walk away. I have xD


Probably lurking.
I have, its so gud ^w^

I have drunk milk and orange juice at the same time. Have you?
Actually yes I have, curiosity is a strange thing, and so was that taste.

I once won a art competition, have you?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Back when I was in first grade, I won this contest where we made a picture of the small town our school was in. Since then...my visual arts skills have waned considerably!

I have plotted to capture, tickle, and spank foxes. Have you?

Happy merman

Well-Known Member
I have never ran from a skunk before. x'D

I have eaten two large pizzas all by myself. (Yes I was so full I felt ill afterward)

sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
Nope >w<

I've had strep throat, have you? (If you have, then ooooof! :( )


No, thankfully!

I've washed all the blackboards in a college classroom building, have you?

sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
Yes, more than 72 hrs actually

I've been to Canada before, have you?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
I've been nipped by a few garter snakes, as a kid.

I have seen a badger in the wild. Have you?