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I have never been to a furry convention...


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It's pretty unfortunate... :( So what goes on over there? Like I know what goes on when it's like, on paper, but what's it like at one if those things?

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You're not alone. I haven't been to one either. I'm curious about what it's like too.
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From what i can gather, buying shit, selling shit, fursuiting, abnormally high amount of huggin, drinking, gaming, and bad smells.


Forget it. It' isn't worth the time. You could meet people like me IRL and believe me, you wouldn't like it.


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Here's a fun thing- my town has railway links to both London and Birmingham but I still haven't even looked into going to one!

I mean, I see how it could be pretty fun, but if I were to go I'd rather travel with someone; my parents would be more likely to let me hop on a train and travel to some other city if I was accompanied.
And I don't know any furries personally! Haha.


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A gigantic social event with stuff related to the fandom. So a bunch of furries together in one convention center.


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For me, it usually goes like this:

Wander around looking at costumes/fursuits by myself, and taking photos.

Look at the panel schedule, and consider which, if any, I might want to attend.

Go through the Dealer's Den. Chat with vendors and buyers. Think about what, if anything, I might want to buy or commission.

Wander/take photos some more, and/or attend panels.

Sooner or later, I will either bump into old friends, or have a nice conversation with someone new, and this will often lead into doing lunch or dinner somewhere.

Whereas Day One of any given con is usually spent largely by myself, the following days (especially the evenings) will typically involve more activities with friends, and more social or group activities.

In the evenings, I will typically attend the raves, karaoke, the dance competition, the masquerade, and/or the talent show, depending on what's scheduled.

I might visit the Dealer's Den additional times, if I feel I missed seeing some things, or if I saw something that might be worth buying.

After the con, I will be so sleep-deprived and so drained from interacting with people and being on my feet for three days straight that I will usually hole up for two or three days after the con. Then, after I've recovered, I will have minor post-con depression, and wish that the con were still going on.

After a particularly good con, I will also have this uncontrollable urge to share my photos with anyone who can be cornered long enough, so watch out :D.
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I have been to mcm, I'd like to go to a furry con. Ye I mostly look at pannles and stuff ^^


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It all depends on who you're with. I don't recommend going alone thinking everyone's going to welcome you with open arms, don't get me wrong the average furry at a con is usually pretty friendly but don't expect invitations into their social circle. If you're with a small group of people, it's easier to mesh into other friend groups and meet people, me and my friends were invited to a hotel room party after letting 2 furs bum a few smokes off of us.
This is based on my own experience though, if you think you can have fun by yourself go for it but I did that once and it was a drag. It's way more fun to drink all day with your friends and wander the con.


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Never been to a con and and only recently started to take this crap further than the pc screen. Myself and a small group of furries are trying to bring back south afrifur. Not really a con but a well organised meet up and is hoping to gain some talent inside the fandom to maybe level up the status of this thing to a very, very tiny con.

Met like 22 furries in the last 5 weeks. It was... erm... interesting.


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yea lol I was like that until the first irl fur I ever met said hey you should come a furmeet and I have not missed a single one since xD and I plan to never miss a scouse furs one if I cant help it! I cant wait to go to the con though in Liverpool next year though and its just a bunch of furries being chill and talking tbh at furmeets and cons are like just that but bigger and getter I think tbh.


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I went to CFZ in the UK this year, which was the first ever con I had gone to, and one of the best experiences of my life, I was lucky enough to already know a whole bunch of people who were going who looked after me (Made sure I was constantly intoxicated).
I wasn't too huge on the panels and events and such, but the night scene was amazing and I met so many other awesome peeps
Cons aren't for everyone though as I'm sure you've gathered from previous replies, but if you got some good friends to go with/meet with there, it's worth a visit if you ask me


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I have never attended one myself either.
I will be applying to get a table at Furry Fiesta 2015 though.
Hope to see you there.


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I recently went to an anime convention, and though I don't watch a lot of anime (as much as the people I went with) it was still a great time. What our day really consisted of of us walking around looking at the cosplayers and heading to various panels and eventually the dealers area where we spent all of our money on cool shit. Now I'm starting to watch more anime based on the multitude of recommendations given to me by complete strangers and so far I'm satisfied with their recommendations

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Lots of drugs, kinky sex, and alcohol.
Pretty much sums up any kind of convention.


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I've been to numerous anime and gaming conventions before and what I gather from others a furry convention is pretty much the same thing except with more of a furry theme. At an anime convention you have people dress up in costumes of certain characters, the same at a furry convention. Anime conventions have a dealer's room where vendors congregate so you can buy cool anime-related stuff, furry conventions have a dealer's den. Both also feature artists that will try to get themselves out there through the convention.

I have yet to go to a furry convention, but I typically find cons to be a lot of fun and have met quite a number of people through them.


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How does one go to a convention when one is working or in grad school (which is also year-long endeavor for some)? Hope there is a con near where you live? In that case, there is like one furry con I could attend, Califur. FC may be too far to go to since I would probably have to work the day after. In fact, why isn't it in the summer? It's at the time when most college students to back to classes. And BLFC might be during the semester, where my grad school work hours will be busier. And there is no way in hell I'm flying with a fursuit to other cons.

I'm getting a suit in August, and want somewhere to perform as him besides in front of a webcam in my apartment. Any ideas?