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I have no fursona


New Member
Hello, my name is Q (yes actual real name).... I am new to FA. There is one thing in common amungst most furries that I don't have- Fusona's. I personally don't have a fursona, I am just Q, this interdimentional space cat, of human form, I am guided by the touch of the spirit of Cat and she guides me and has become apart of me. It's kinda like a spiritual experience. At times I accentuate each prominent element of Cat, the sweet, playful, kitten side. And the lurking, huntress, stalker of the night side. All graceful and wise. And this is just like who I am and not a separate entity, such as what is described when people talk about fursonas.
Does anyone else experience this? Thanks for reading! Meow =^.^= <3


That pretty much sounds like you already have your fursona :D