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I have Pigeons on my Balcony. I need some help...


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The Pigeons on my Balcony come here every year- oh, I should say, they don't bother me at all. My Mum wants too open the Balcony door and scare them off.

Here's the problem: Among all the scattered, dead eggs on my Balcony, one of the Pigeons eggs has hatched (probably about three or four days ago). I went downstairs at about six AM yesterday, and as I passed through my living room on the balcony, aside from the usual "Coo"-ing, I heard cheeping. So, I went to the Balcony, and I saw the usual Pigeons on the balcony- however, the one who actually sits on a nest was no longer sitting there and was standing up looking over the nest. Seeing as it was dark outside I couldn't see too well, but there was defiantly something small and moving in that nest.. and chirping.

So, I returned about ten minutes ago with my camera, and now there's about six Pigeons on my balcony, and the suspected mother Pigeon was sitting on the nest as usual. Although something was poking out the nest, I couldn't see it too well, but I'm damn sure it was a chick.

There's about three dead-eggs on the balcony now, and I'm glad one chick has hatched, but I need a way to convince my Mum not to scare off the pigeons, and let them stay there and raise their chick.

Heres the suspected Mother Pigeon sitting on her nest.

Five other Pigeon who are also living on my balcony.

Shots of the dead eggs...

And some other random Pigeon.

I'm gonna go to bed now, it's seven AM D:


Wof Wof Wof Wof Wof
oh no pigeons



If you scared them off before they laid eggs, you wouldn't have this problem. According to wikipedia, the chick should leave the nest in 7 to 28 days, so it's not a long term thing you have to worry about. Just make sure pigeons don't make a habit of nesting on your balcony.


i RASIE pigeons
i have 12 as pets, 2 are nesting as we speak and another pair is rasing a chick.

i dunno how to convince your mom to let them stay other than telling her that people do keep them as pets and it would be murder since the egg hatched.
by the way even "junk" pigeions aka standard gray like the one nesting typically sell for at least $10 as it is very hard for me to find birds cheeper than that.


lol reggin
Simple, inform your mom you will install bird spikes when the chick leaves the nest, then do so. Remove the dead eggs.