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Hiring: I have the artwork, need someone to make it into a book cover

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Edit: Found someone. Thanks everybody.


Preparing my next book for publishing; shooting for release within 30 days. I have received the commissioned artwork, licensed by the artist for this purpose. The artist created and scaled it to fit the paperback book I plan on printing, including oversizing it a bit to allow for trim, but I need the lettering and such required to turn a copy into a book cover.

Anyone here experienced in book cover design? I have some ideas, but no appropriate software or skill set to do this myself. Let's chat.

Posting here, or private message is fine with me.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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Sure, I've done a few books myself, and have legal access to a number of very nice paid fonts depending on your requirements.

Before designing the cover, you will need to know a few things, mostly which company you want to print it, the number of pages it will contain, and the type and weight of the paper used for the internals, in order to calculate spine width. You may also want to consider an ISBN, which can be converted into a barcode for the back cover. Some distributors will require this, but it depends how you intend to sell the finished work.


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