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I hope you are mildly inconvenienced

I hope you go grocery shopping but when you get to your car and put the groceries inside, you find a jar of pasta sauce at the back of your cart that wasn’t in a bag. Did it fall out of a bag or did you not put it on the belt to get scanned inside the store when you checked out? Did you just steal pasta sauce?! Then you’ll feel silly taking it back into the store and going back on line to pay for it. Only then do you remember to check your receipts and discover you already did pay for it the first time. Now you’ve paid for it twice and you’re too embarrassed to tell the person at the courtesy desk to get your money back so I just leave. I mean, YOU leave.


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May you accidentally spill tomato ketchup on yourself whilst passing a crime scene, in such a way that it resembles gunshot spatter patterns.