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I judge people based on whether or not they have played Shadow of the Colossus.


Seriously, if you haven't played SotC, you are really missing out on something special.

Anyone else with me when I say it is the best game ever created? I have played a great many games in my life, but none have had as incredible an effect as SotC did. Everything I have played since has been mostly lame.


Please, I want to be able to go on with my life. What is the magic of this game that I must know before I can continue living?


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I lack a PS2, but I think I'll live. I already know it's awesome.

Ty Vulpine

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I haven't played it, but I'm still living, and will go on with my life regardless of whether I ever play it or not.


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My dog killed my PS2. And I have a 40 GIG PS3 because I am a cheap @ss.
Ok, movin' on.


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If youre going to pick a game to judge people on, you should pick one that doesnt have mediocre gameplay


Look, this game is good, no doubt...it's not the shining beacon of awesome that most people put it out to sound. It's entirely overrated. it's original and cool, but it lacks polish, has no story, and the controls, though good, are kinda iffy.

Good? yes
Great? no


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I judge people based on whether or not they have played Zombies Ate my Neighbors.


The problem with SotC lies within a tiny, yet common misconception.

That being: People thinking it's actually a game.



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We have this game... personally I like the first one better, the one about the boy with the sad ending xD

I don't remember what it's called... it's been SO LONG and so many games between.

SotC is eye candy, pretty and I love the music... but Arkanum gets very frustrated with it (lame camera angles and difficult to maneuver at times) so I haven't seen the ending.


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Planescape: Torment is better :p

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I've played Shadow of the Colossus. Could you explain how you use that information to reach a judgment?


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I just imagined that you were looking for the colossi to restore colour to the world and stop the sun from going Supernova, while an evil camera control tries to stop the person with the ridiculous running animation by making the invisible hand controlling him annoyed.

I actually felt a little like Dragon's Lair or an RPG when I played it actually. I felt it was a little more of an interactive movie at some spots. Honestly it's better than most generic platformers out there.

Look, just because a game is supposed to be different doesn't mean a game is supposed to be good. Some people just don't like it.

Night Trap was trying to be different and look how THAT turned out.


Roll Fizzlebeef
I judge people based on whether or not they have played Zombies Ate my Neighbors.

Omg, that was one of my favorite games when I was a kid XD Still is when I get the chance to play it.

Gave me nightmares when I was like, 6... what? o_O