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I just realized something

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Beware of Molesters
Homosexuals, sodomites, or any other name you chose to call them by, are not gay (which means happy), talented, special, or even gifted. What homosexuals and homosexuality are, is an evil abomination in the eyes of God, a blemish on the face of God's creation.

Homosexuality is a SIN. Standing up and speaking against this vile evil does not make you homophobic as the homosexuals would have you believe. Homophobia is a fear of homosexuals. As children of the one and only eternal and loving true God, we have nothing to fear from these sinners. In fact, it is they who are afraid of us. They are afraid of us because we stand up against them and proclaim homosexuality for what it is, a VILE AND EVIL SIN.

The time has come to make a choice. Are you on the side of those who are committing an abomination in the eyes of God or are you on God's side, the side of truth and righteousness?


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Copy/paste is p cool, but I said to take it to the R&R. Ricky would love to hear your opinion.


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I could prove you wrong, but obvious troll is obvious, so I wont.


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This is the most pathetic attempt at humorous trolling I've ever seen. This is just pathetic. Your thread is bad, and you should feel bad.

Same here.

It does not even have funny and witty "arguments". The guy simply sounds like a fundamentalist


OP, you got nothing on these guys

Oh man, that site is brilliant

By reading this, you hereby agree to grant Landover an unrestricted and permanent ownership and right to any material on any computer you own or operate, and any computers connected to any networks you may have access to, legally or illegally. This agreement is irrevocable. ... By simply having read at least ONE WORD of these terms of service you have already agreed to all them whether or not you register. You agree and undertake never to reveal a word of this secret TOS under penalty of immediate damnation. If damnation is not part of your belief system, you agree to convert to a belief system involving damnation.

Opinions concerning the technical difficulties, fitness requirements, safety, and ratings of self-crucifixion... may differ from yours or others' opinions; therefore be warned that you must exercise your own judgment as to the difficulty and your ability to safely protect yourself from the inherent risks and dangers.

Someone put a lot of effort into that


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We must purge the infidels!

so... yeah, go ahead and ban the OP already; He/she (too lazy to look up gender) hasn't made anything other than spam today.
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