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I just want a pursuit partial.


Up close to my face.
What I am planing on is, just customizing a head, then buying the rest off of Pawstar and Amazon.
What do you think the cheapest I could go for?


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If you go the cheapest you can find, you're most likely not going to get quality. Very rarely you could find a maker who is severely undercharging, but it'd be better to just save your money and get a good head. Popular makers prices are always high, so consider commissioning from a lesser known and newer maker. ^^


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I have a fursuit maker who did my partial her name is Maria. She does heads, partials, full suits, etc. She is reasonable in my opinion.

Here is a link to her website if you want to send in a quote; mcreativecorner.com: Maria’s Creative Corner

She does good work. I found her on Etsy. If your looking for lesser known makers check Etsy by searching fursuit or something and some will pop up. :)


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Be careful with buying stuff from different sources. Unless you're going for pure black or pure white, the colors might not match up. Hell, even if fur is made by the same company, the bales of material can have differences in shades, even if those are sold as the same one. What I mean by that - let's say you bought a fur called 'Sky blue'. And it's great. After some time you order another piece of it and after it arrives you can cleary see that the fur is a bit lighter than the previous one.But it's still the same fur, just another party of it.

So... I suggest either getting everything from one maker or just buying the fur yourself, sending it to the maker, and sew everything else by yourself.


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I can make a partial for $100, includes head, tail, and paws. What kind of cat are you thinking of?