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I keep cropping an image i want to be as my avatar and they keep saying it's too big.


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Straight from the FA avatar upload page.
  • Accepted File Formats - GIF. While JPG and PNG can be uploaded they will be converted to GIF format, with possible loss of quality.
  • Max File Size - 55 KB
  • Max Dimensions - 100x100 pixels

    Probably safe to say that you're either using an image that is bigger than 100x100 in pixel size, or over 55KB in file size. I believe it can be easy to go over the file size since it's what I'd consider ridiculously small, and unless you crop an image with full intent of it being 100x100 in size, even the smaller images will end up bigger in most cases.

    If you hover your mouse cursor over the image file on your computer, it will show both the pixel size, and image size, if either of these are larger than what is suggested, it will not work to upload it. Gotta use something like ps, gimp or even paint and edit the image.

    If you've done the above already, I'm not sure.


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55kb is super easy to go over; make sure you're saving the image as a .jpg because jpg files are a lot smaller due to being lossy.


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Hello, I'm digging this thread ! I'm new to the community and Id like to upload a drawing I made as my avatar, and I keep compressing it and resizing it and I managed to make it less than 55kb and 100 pixels but now... the quality is so disastrous that we cant even see what the image is anymore... I see everyone on this thread have nice avatars, with mutliple colours and obv more than 100 pixels... so it must be possible to upload it without killing the quality, but I really dont see how ?? I've been working on it for 3hours now, modifying the ppi on my software, resizing it on multiple website... to no avail. What am i doing wrong ?? How did you do it please help :((

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I do that via Chrome on my Android.

It won't allow me to upload the same file to the thread on AOS while I can do the same on PC. But controversially, it allows me to set my thumbnail via AOS while I can't use the same picture via PC.

This is confusing...! ÒnÓ