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I love it when....


WhAt ThE hElL aM I dOiNg WiTh My LiFe???
I randomly bang on the keys on my piano and compose a song that actually sounds decent.


Friendly Red-Backed Butcher-Birb Boi
I love it when I find out that the WiFi at my job IS working, I was just using the wrong password.

(You guys are stuck with me all day now >:-D)


WhAt ThE hElL aM I dOiNg WiTh My LiFe???
I love it when people understand. And not just say or think they do, but when they truly understand, or at least put in the effort to try to understand.

Deleted member 82554

When I get to be able to be myself and feel like nothing else matters.

Sam Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
people who don't take good advice have things go wrong for them for the exact reason they were warned about and then are too proud to openly admit it but you can see it written all over their face that they feel really stupid by their own design.


Late Healer Ferret
I love it when I miscounted the time and instead of not having time to swing by home I get a whole hour where I can eat and relax before work.