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I love it when....


blue sky love

When I take my time on a drawing and...

blue sky love

When a hot man or woman speaks vocabulary words which I do know know the meaning ♡ Hhhh brains plus brawn = ;)


Queen of Laziness
When I manage to make someone really, really happy! Like I did for an artist a few minutes ago. :3

Foxy Emy

Polygenic DID System. Life is wild.
I get a raise. It is a nice feeling.


Well-Known Member
I love every single HEMA duel i had... at least the ones I won >.<


I love it when the store in the Ultor shopping mall store called "Leather and lace" has a sale... it's NOT because I'm a filthy kitty, it's because they're underclothes, lingerie, and leather vests are comfy, but a bit pricey. >-.^<

Niru the Husky

Can easily be persuaded with bacon...
I kinda like to talk with one of my classmates via Discord. Our conversations often end with infinity/mathematical problems/unbelivable facts etc.
I think he's the only one who's also interested in having a conversation about that, so I like it ^^ Last time we talked nearly 2-2,5h just about coincidences ;D We're two idiots...


WhAt ThE hElL aM I dOiNg WiTh My LiFe???
I love it when I get time to practice my guitar.