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I love it when....

Sledge_Husky 04

Why is it snowing?
I kinda like to talk with one of my classmates via Discord. Our conversations often end with infinity/mathematical problems/unbelivable facts etc.
I think he's the only one who's also interested in having a conversation about that, so I like it ^^ Last time we talked nearly 2-2,5h just about coincidences ;D We're two idiots...
your not an idiot, your a nerd, like myself :)


I like it when I get to go outside. However, it's not the case now. now I'd like it if I would ever go outside again

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
I like it when my computer crashes, and it gives me time to realize I was about to say something nasty and uncalled for to somebody I like


Joy Boi
I love it when I get belly rubs for free~

Sam Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
i love it when the guy who says the joke louder gets more successful.

it really filters out all the people you don't want in your life.


Joy Boi
I love it when I get the socks on the right foot the first try.