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I may be in posession of a museum piece.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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I have an item that looks alot like this.


the item pictured is a museum piece from 4000 years ago.

link: Bactrian Ibex

it's been in my family's posession for longer than we know the history of our family, though what we can confirm stretches back to when my ancestors lived in Hungary in the 17h century.

we know that our family used to live in Syria before that from knowledge that's been passed down but we have no idea how long they lived in the area before then.

according to my family this object is a Ibex from around Syria and part of a set that has since been lost to time.

my family had used it as a child's toy for some time probably unaware of the value but around the time we lived in Hungary the item was deemed to have too strong a sentimental value to risk being broken and was carefully preserved, especially as at that time we were shepherds and the item along with other farming related items we had taken on some family superstitions surrounding the items.

A relative named "Fox", a young man of the family, became involved in the political events at the time as did many young people at the time by following the hype train so to speak and foolishly lost many of the items our family held dear, however, this one remained in our family's posession.

there are a few other items the family supposedly kept from back in the 17th century though i believe the others to be more modern replicas of the items made from visual desriptions which had carried down the family of which some have been confirmed to be already.

i had also assumed the same for this item but looking at the picture of the museum piece and how closely it resembles the item i have i am no longer so sure about it.

is their a way i can date the item to be sure and if possible i'd like to know the price the museum might be willing to buy it for since my family is in dire need of money right now.

Yeah I'm kinda posting this to every social network I'm part of so sorry if this seems a little odd to be posting here.


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To be serious though, that is a cool back story to that item.

I can imagine you could search around in your area for people that appraise items such as this.
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Sam Akuchin Wamm

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To be serious though that is a cool back story to that item.

I can imagine you could search around in your area for people that appraise items such as this.
yeah, my great relative Fox was young and stupid and got themselves roped into a terrorist group in 17th century Hungary.

He kill a bunch of Catholic priests in Slovakia and then got killed himself.

Ran away with the family silver to pay for it all and that's how we lost a bunch of precious family heirlooms.

I'm told that "Fox" in Hungarian means "axe".

Emyrelda Seoni

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That is awesome!