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My budget is $500. The head must be glasses friendly and toony. The wings can be made of fleece and there will not be paws, so the wearer's hands would be exposed. Each wing will be 32 inches length from the start of one's shoulder to the tip. The dark part of the wings will go down to one's waist.

My deadline is, worst case, mid October. Please let me know your terms and such regarding payment. If you need measurements, or any other details about this, I'll be happy to give them.


This is my reference. Need more angles? Please let me know.


Hey ! Open for n(sfw) coms !
Hello! I would adore to make this for you for that price ! Please message me and check out red gold suits on Instagram for examples !!


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did you want something similar or did you order from me before and need an update on wings?


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Oh! Okay thanks. I feel foolish now.